Joel Katte
Joel Katte

About Joel Katte

Joel Katte is an experienced high school language arts teacher who was also an elementary school principal of nine years and a district administrator over alternative programs for three years.

He earned his Superintendent’s License from the University of Kentucky, Rank 1 in General Pedagogy from Morehead State University, and Masters in Educational Leadership from Aurora University.

Joel has been a staff developer/speaker since 2013. His professional learning experience IGNITE #loveinschools is positively transforming school cultures! For years people felt relationships were important but not urgent. Joel contends today relationships are urgent. His professional developments help educators maximize their relationships and moments with students, colleagues, families, and community members.

The positive energy that emerges from IGNITE #loveinschools instantly catapults school cultures to greater levels!
Joel has worked with students of all ages in both urban and rural settings and has taught and lead the most at-promise students as well as the most gifted.