Joel Katte
Joel Katte

About Joel Katte

Joel Katte has been a staff developer and speaker since 2013. His IGNITE #loveinschools professional learning experiences and keynotes instantly catapult school and district cultures to greater levels! Joel inspires educators to maximize their relationships and moments with students, colleagues, families, and community members. He helps educators realize the most important relationship is the one they have with themselves and then equips them with tools and a renewed commitment for maintaining healthy work/life harmony. His strategies for helping the best of you land in the heads, hearts, and spirits of those you work with and serve are differentiated for all educators. Whether you are a Ron Clark type or prefer to do your best work behind the scenes, Joel’s use of humor, stories, and reflection are sure to inspire you to #BeMoreYou!

A few years ago Marshall County Schools Superintendent Trent Lovett described Joel’s “Carrying On Through Caring On” opening day keynote for all M.C.S. employees as, “Awesome …. Words I needed to hear!” Joel’s IGNITE #loveinschools movement has reached the Lakota Nations Education Conference and the international conference Treating and Teaching People of Colour Conference.

His book Finding You at the Zoo is helping students and school staff of all ages redefine their school environments and take ownership in creating the personalized teaching and learning experiences necessary during these challenging times. Watch for Joel’s next book Satch’s Destiny and his IGNITE #loveinschools book and workbook coming out soon!

Joel is an experienced secondary English teacher, elementary school principal, and district administrator over alternative schools. Throughout his career he has served students of all ages in both urban and rural settings. He has served the most at-promise students as well as the most gifted. Currently, he teaches at the Success Academy, a dropout reengagement program in Lexington, Kentucky.

Joel earned his Superintendent’s License from the University of Kentucky, Masters degrees in Educational Leadership from Aurora University and in General Pedagogy from Morehead State University.

For more information on how you can bring Joel to your school, district, conference, family night, or student assembly, call 859-967-8510 or contact us here.