Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Catapulting School Cultures Through Dream Chasing and Dream Enabling!

We graduate from college, land our first job, get married, start a family, get promoted but life becomes a whirlwind or worse slides into a rut. We have forgotten all about our dreams of learning to cook like Julia Child, taking a motorcycle ride across the country, writing a best-selling novel or playing professional baseball. Joel Katte will help you reignite your passion and awaken you to your purpose by reconnecting you with your dreams again! Joel knows that when you act on your dreams, you inspire others to act on theirs too!

Own Your Energy! Redefine Your Year, Career and Legacy!

What does the conversation in the faculty lounge say about you and your school culture? Everywhere we go there is an energy, and we are each responsible for the energy we bring. There is only one person we can control, ourselves! It’s never too late to own your energy to transform your school year, career and the legacy you leave behind. Let Joel Katte help you craft a vision for your best life!

Loving and Leading Yourself First So You Can FULLY Love and Lead Others!

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself! Professionals who care for others are often the worst at taking care of themselves. Educators sometimes fall victim to putting their needs, hopes, and dreams on the back burner in order to serve others. Striking work/life balance is not easy today in schools but it is paramount for teacher retention, PLC’s, and sustaining long-term results.

Taking Our Profession Back With the IGNITE #loveinschools Movement!

Many educators are burned out, feeling overwhelmed and deeply unfulfilled in their careers. More teachers today than ever before do not want their own children to become teachers, and we continue to have alarming numbers of teachers quitting within their first five years. Joel has seen firsthand how reconnecting educators to their personal passions and purposes can fundamentally transform school cultures!


Joel Katte is an inspiring and engaging speaker who has a way of connecting with his audience and making you feel as though he truly understands the world of education and teaching. When he addressed the Lake Geneva Schools, the audience was enthralled with the connections he had made with his students, their parents, and the school community. Strong connections are critical in our districts, and he drove the value of these home in his keynote.

Janice Hyde Eckola, EdD
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Lake Geneva Schools

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