IGNITE #loveinschools contends relationships ARE urgent!

We believe the key to addressing school safety is by focusing on staff, students, and family relationships through our IGNITE #loveinschools schoolwide transformation.
Schools all across the United States have implemented new protocols for addressing school violence and bullying. School districts are hiring mental health professionals, implementing socio-emotional learning (SEL) and providing behavior interventions as some of the ways to address school safety but still violence, suicide, gangs, cyberbullying and drug use are still hurting our schools.
Toyota has a manufacturing plant just up the road from Lexington in Georgetown, Kentucky. At Toyota a problem-solving strategy called Root Cause Analysis, which simply asks the ‘why’ question five times until the cause is revealed, is implemented throughout the plant resulting in a high-quality product. If we apply this in education with behavior, it might look something like this:

  • Student is defiant towards teacher
  • He is feeling insecure about his abilities because he doesn’t understand the materials
  • He has not been studying the materials because he has to work at night to support his family
  • His family struggles financially because his father is ill
  • Student is stressed and tired about his family’s financial and health issues

IGNITE #loveinschools builds school culture foundations on unconditional love and unconditional respect. This foundation deepens relationships for teachers, students, and parents to have open, caring, trusting partnerships where needs and concerns are discussed and root causes can be addressed and supported.
The IGNITE #loveinschools Continuum of ATTENTION, ACCEPTANCE, and BEING PRESENT creates an environment where everyone is safer both physically and emotionally.

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