The other day I had the privilege of giving the Marshall County Schools opening day keynote to all their district and schools staffs. Without a doubt, it will go down as one of my all-time favorite days! I could not possibly describe how awesome it was, but below are a few thoughts and pictures that might help others glean from the love and grit that the incredible MCS team demonstrated as they launched into the 2019-20 school year.

Sometimes the best way to carry on is through caring on. MCS staffs are equipped for unleashing love at record-setting levels to continue positively transforming lives for many years to come!

There truly is nothing like the thrill of the New School Year! It’s one of the things that makes our teaching profession so special!

Welcoming, treating and supporting new staff like the 5-star recruits that they are will pay huge dividends! Educators, we need to be each other’s number one fans! May we always invest in our greatest investment, our people!

Thank you for the t-shirts! I love inspiring teacher “merch”! However, the most important branding we do for our profession is letting others see and feel just how much we love our jobs! We each are responsible for our essence and our energy that we bring to every space we are in!

We often don’t realize the most significant moments of our lives while they are happening. The key is to be present as much as possible, maximize those moments, and soak them up! Mark time! Take pictures/Shoot video with your heart, not your smartphone. You can access these images through your heart and spirit much more quickly than sifting through thousands of images on your phone and they will prove to be much more powerful! #ampuptheawe

The “eyes” have it! The eyes are the window to our souls! MCS staff, may you always see each other’s pure potential!

The power of prayer is real, and we all need to continue to keep MCS in our prayers!

Letting our light shine brightly is not always easy to do, but it is always the right thing to do. MCS LIFE CHANGERS, you are radiating and ready to “Rock the Casbah” all year long!

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#MarshallStrong #loveinschools